Stay in School

Shout-It-Now Stay In School Programme

While legislation has led to a marked increase in the number of children aged 7 to 15 participating in schooling education, the number of youth aged 16-18 not attending school is an alarming 16,7%.* Shout-It-Now is collaborating with business, looking at innovative ways to encourage youth to stay in school. The Shout-It-Now Stay In School Programme will trial in 2012.

* Research by Strassburg et al (2010) and Fleisch et al (2010) has found that dropping out of schools is not a single event but is usually the result of a combination of inter-related factors that lead up to a child eventually dropping out of school. Fleisch et al (2010:7) noted that poverty alone did not explain why children were not in school and identified other factors (such as disability, family structure, i.e., not living with biological parents or grandparents, orphanhood, being eligible for, but not accessing social welfare and living in isolated communities) which, combined with poverty, make children more vulnerable to dropping out of schools. Strassburg et al (2010: 40-41) found that financial pressures and complex social processes (such as teenage pregnancy and substance abuse) combined with in-school factors (such as lack of stimulation and support) result in youth disengaging from their education and eventually dropping out of school.

While we cannot address all these issues, with the help of both the private and public sectors, we can encourage more youth to stay at school and reach their full potential.

* Source Department of Basic Education, Report on Dropout and Learner Retention Strategy to Portfolio Committee on Education - June 2011