Knowledge is Power

When it comes to health and well-being, knowledge is power. Unfortunately, many people just don't have the basic information they need to make informed decisions that will extend and improve the quality of their lives. That's because going to a doctor or hospital can be scary, and no one wants to think that we may be sick or have a problem. That's where Shout-It-Now plays a key role in helping people get information and care where they live - not in a formal medical setting.

The people at Shout-it-Now aren't doctors, but they have been trained to help people understand if they may have a health issue. These folks are nice, and they care - and all conversations are 100% confidential. HIV and TB are two of the biggest killers today for everyone in South Africa. Most of this short programme is going to concentrate on HIV & TB so that people are empowered to take care of their health.

Shout-it-Now provides fast, easy and free health screening in the community. Our mobile teams work in community centers and shopping malls for a week to 10 days providing understandable education and screening for key health issues:

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CD4 for people who are HIV positive