Over the past two years, we’ve deployed our revolutionary platform to help test more than 200, 000 youth for HIV and AIDS. We chose HIV as our first focus area because it’s the single most important issue facing youth today. Nearly two-thirds of new infections in SA this year will be afflicted on youth. Consequently, South Africa is one of the only countries in the world where a young a person in his or her twenties is as likely to die as a person in their sixties.

Testing for HIV brings home the reality of disease. This is widely acknowledged by doctors, social experts and Government. Through ongoing education and testing our aim is to ultimately change attitudes and behaviour. More importantly, giving youth an opportunity to know their HIV status could save their saves life.


HIV and AIDS education,testing and counseling

Our HIV programme involves three phases:

  • Partnering with schools or communities
  • Education, testing and measurement
  • Links to care


Learning that you are HIV-positive is never easy. Knowing your status will not only save your life through appropriate treatment, but could also save the life of others.


Less than 18% of people who have HIV or AIDS are receiving care.