Creating opportunities for clients to test and commence treatment for HIV

In 2018, Shout-It-Now developed a unique and highly scalable approach to HIV screening and initial treatment. For those who were at risk of being affected by HIV and AIDS, Shout-It-Now offered free, fast and friendly HIV screening and immediate, onsite initiation onto Anti-Retroviral Treatment (ART) for HIV+ clients.

The changing face of the epidemic led us to develop a revolutionary new semi-automated testing solution which further leveraged technology and incorporated immediate, life-saving on-site Antiretroviral medication initiation. This was in response to the international 90-90-90 goal, which aims for 90% of HIV+ people to know their status, 90% of those to be on sustained Antiretroviral Therapy, and 90% of those to achieve viral suppression.

As a pilot programme, our mobile Test & Treat vehicles continued to offer convenient hours and locations, with the benefit of increased flexibility in terms of their ability to reach harder to access locations and limited set-up and strike-down time, which allowed us to serve multiple sites on one day. Our sophisticated technology and vibrant energetic staff ensured a speedy and respectful experience for our clients, as well as an efficient, effective and scalable model for our funders. Fast, Free & Friendly service remained at the core of what we offer and dictates what we do and how we do it.

Our Call Centre continued to provide telephonic support to those who tested HIV+, and ensured they were linked to care, specifically Anti-Retroviral Treatment (ART), either at our mobile site or through local government clinics.

Today, in response to the changing needs of our clients and funder mandates, we are focusing our efforts on testing, and prevention through initiation onto PrEP and behaviourial interventions. While we are a secular non-profit organisation, our approach is very similar to running a profit-driven business. Specifically, we establish plans and critically measure our success and failure and hold ourselves accountable. Shout-It-Now takes a pragmatic approach to solving problems. We’re to-the-point, non-bureaucratic, efficient and goal-oriented.

Our use of technology means that we are able to efficiently collect data that we analyse to facilitate continuous improvement of our offering. We are able to track multiple demographics, repeat clients, HIV incidence and links to care at the touch of a button and use this information in an ongoing basis to inform improvements.