400,000 Served! Shout-it-Now Reaches Monumental HIV Testing Milestone.
November 4, 2016

International Science Organizations Highlight Shout-it-Now’s Commitment to Quality Improvement.

Cape Town, South Africa (June 6, 2016) – Shout-it-Now was founded by social scientists, technologists and marketers who set out to reinvent HIV counseling and testing (HCT) in South Africa, so that it was more engaging for clients and more cost effective for funders and government. Our approach is very different from conventional community-based mobile HCT in that we are a highly scalable, process driven HCT service featuring a mix of technology, marketing and human support. The model has been designed to utilize technology to ensure a high client throughput while preserving quality at every step.

The driving force behind the creation and maintenance of Shout-it-Now’s service excellence can be described as Operations Research (OR) or Implementation Science. In the health field, OR has become increasingly important not only to save money but to identify better approaches to saving lives.

Shout-it-Now’s use of various quality improvement tools has caught the attention of international scientists who use OR in a variety of fields. One such group is the International Federation of Operational Research Societies (IFORS), which was impressed with Shout-it-Now’s use of modeling to improve client flow and experience. In fact, IFORS published a profile of Shout-it-Now in its annual report that was distributed this month at its annual meeting in Poland. To view the profile, visit http://www.ifors.org/newsletter/ifors-news-june2016.pdf .snarticle

Additionally, the Operational Research Society contacted Shout-it-Now to include a profile of our OR work in the organization’s magazine, Impact. Based in the United Kingdom,the Operational Research Society is the world’s oldest-established learned society catering to the Operational Research profession. Shout-it-Now’s profile will appear in an upcoming issue of Impact.

About Shout-it-Now

Shout-it-Now is a South African non-profit organization working to improve HIV prevention, testing and linkage to care services. Our innovative health promotion and screening approach blends technology, celebrity key influencers and social marketing to successfully and cost-effectively engage people of all cultures and ages in high quality HIV education, screening and follow up care. We currently operate two teams in Ekurhuleni, Gauteng, a district with the 2nd highest HIV prevalence in South Africa.


To learn more, please contact Press Officer, Shout-it-Now: +27 (0)21 713 4414